The last report from the Expert Section of the eEurope Advisory Group deals with the second pillar of the i2010 strategy ‘Innovation and Investment in research’.

The report states that "Europe is not sufficiently exploiting and putting to the best use its considerable assets, talents and scientific excellence in ICT. An increase in the research budget will not by itself lead to more innovation. Under its i2010 policy framework, the European Commission aims to strengthen innovation and investment in ICT for promoting economic growth and jobs."

Therefore, the report proposes a detailed six-point strategy to make i2010 work in the specific areas of innovation, research and e-business :

  • target markets
  • pull talent
  • build SME networks
  • deploy financial drivers
  • foster enabling conditions
  • facilitate communications, visibility and impact creation

As the eEurope 2005 Action Plan came to an end in December 2005, the eEurope Advisory Group, held to advice the Member States and the European Commission to implement eEurope actions, met for the last time on 16 December 2005. The Expert Section, composed of 40 experts, was part of the eEurope Advisory Group and delivered five different reports within two years on various issues:

  • Broadband Territorial Coverage
  • The next five years in Information Society
  • eInclusion
  • eAuthentication
  • Research and innovation

These reports were recognised as valuable work and contribution to the preparation of the i2010 strategy.

These documents are available on the eEurope Advisory Group section of the eEurope 2005 website