What will the future bring when it comes to digital technologies, for example in the field of health and wellbeing? This new report tells us what to expect for 2030.

Foresight Fiches

According to the report written by experts of the European Commission, digital technologies are on the move. They are not anymore just 'trendy technologies' available for information and communications, but they are for example dramatically changing the very criteria for market access for almost all kinds of products, services, and ideas.

Concerning our health, science and technological progress has contributed vastly to the increase of our life expectancy. There was Pasteur and the antibiotics, now the progress in cancer and gene therapy and soon organ replacements using stem cells.

The combination of ICT and the Omics (e.g. genomics) will open up even more possibilities, like personalised medicine, not just for treatment but also probabilistic prevention as a function of environmental parameters. But health is not only a matter of technology but also life style and personal responsibility.

The line between healthcare and human augmentation is fading…

Report: Preparing the Commission for future opportunities - Foresight network fiches 2030