The STARTS prize honours projects that demonstrate successful collaboration of science, technology and art contributing to economic and social innovation. The two prize winners will be chosen by an international jury and will each receive €20,000. The STARTS programme of the European Commission encourages collaboration between researchers and artists in projects funded under Horizon 2020.

Digital transformation is profoundly changing industry, science and technology. In this process, digitization is naturally uniting science and engineering with design and the arts. In the digital world, the boundaries between art and engineering are removed and creativity becomes a crucial factor in engineering and human-centered uses of technology. In this context, the Arts gain prominence as catalysts for an efficient conversion of S&T knowledge into novel products, services, and processes.

Recognizing the importance of fostering and nurturing cross-sectorial exchange in H2020, the European Commission has launched the STARTS prize to give visibility to innovation rooted in links of technology with the Arts.

 It has been handed out the first time in 2016 during the Ars Electronica Festival. The two winners were Iris van Herpen, a fashion designer, for 'appropriation of digital technologies in design that pushes limits of both technology and fashion' and  Ottobock, a world leader in medical technologies, together with Kunstschule Weissenberg for 'collaboration that has led to radically novel prosthesis design'.

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