Kurento received the "best of show" Award at the WebRTC Conference & Expo in Paris with a demo showing a street view in Madrid and how groups of people are identified and colored accordingly. All this happens in real-time so security services can focus their attention when a sudden crowd is formed. Kurento is one of FIWARE's Generic Enablers. It already won the "Best WOW factor" and "Audience Choice" awards at the WebRTC Conference in San José, California.

Last December, Kurento, one of FIWARE's Generic Enablers, won the "best of show" Award at the WebRTC Conference & Expo Paris 2014, one of the most important conference in Europe for Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC), a new wave of real-time multimedia technologies bringing video-communications and video-conferences directly to the browser in a standard way and without requiring any kind of installation.

FIWARE, an EU initiative that provides open implementations for digital services, got the award through an application combining Kurento (the Stream Oriented Generic Enabler implementation) and Orion (the Context Broker) to demonstrate the viability of using advanced computer vision technologies and augmented reality to improve the security of cities and the safety of citizens.

Kurento.org is an open source software project providing a WebRTC media server and a set of client application program interfaces (APIs), making simple the development of advanced video applications for web and smartphone platforms.

Dr. Luis Lopez, Kurento's project coordinator, explains the project in these terms: “If I see an X-ray or if I listen to a heart beating through a video-conference, the information I obtain is quite different to the one perceived by an expert cardiologist. However, current state of the art makes it possible to use computer vision, speech analysis and augmented reality to capture the expert’s knowledge and depict the appropriate diagnosis information to me in a comprehensive way onto my video-conference. In this way, my knowledge and my senses could be extended by the communication system in ways I cannot even imagine today. Kurento.org provides the appropriate framework for integrating this type of capabilities with WebRTC communication systems in a seamless and direct way.”

Kurento.org can also be used in segments beyond person to person communications, making new business models for advertising, smart cities and other person-to-machine and machine-to-machine scenarios possible.

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