The Key Principles for National Coalitions aim to help and guide stakeholders that are interested in forming national coalitions for digital jobs in their own countries.

The European Commission encourages Member States to create National Coalitions for Digital Jobs. The broad goal of a national coalition is to mobilise stakeholders and constituencies, in a given country, to collaborate towards enhanced digital skills of ICT specialists.

Given the diversity of educational systems and labour market conditions, each Member State faces a set of specific challenges. It is thus up to national coalitions to define the most effective actions which can be undertaken in their respective countries to address the shortage of ICT specialists. Even so, certain key principles should be addressed as widely as possible across Europe.

This is the reason why we came up with a set of Key Principles for National Coalitions: to help stakeholders to form their national coalitions and to ensure that there is consistency among the different coalitions in Europe. 

We welcome comments and suggestions from stakeholders on the key principles. If you have comments please send them to by 28 February 2014.

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