Enhancing consumer knowledge is one of the four pillars of the EU Consumer Agenda. In line with this policy objective, AIM, the European Brand Association, and BEUC, the European Consumer Organisation, joined forces to develop a set of common principles for consumer information and tested them on logos. The results of this joint research were presented at a Roundtable in February in presence of Members of the European Parliament, senior EU officials and other stakeholders.

Monique Goyens, Director General of BEUC and member of the CoP for Better Self- and Co-Regulation Steering Committee, explained: “Logos exist in all forms and shapes. Consumers are often unfamiliar with them, misinterpret their meaning or are even confused by their message. There is a large body of literature on design and testing of logos. We urge that any new logo which is part of an EU law is tested within a representative group of users. Only this could guarantee its added value”.
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