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We are excited to announce that the new and refreshed WiFi4EU Community is live! The updated multilingual and mobile-friendly interface will improve the experience for users across Europe.

The WiFi4EU Community is hosted by Futurium, a platform dedicated to European citizens for discussing EU policies. Futurium has been updated to feature a multilingual user- and mobile-friendly interface, allowing citizens from all Member States to register and engage in different communities. Once registered, users will be able to easily access the WiFi4EU Community and participate in the discussions.

With more than 27,000 registered municipalities and close to 9,000 vouchers granted, the WiFi4EU initiative is having a concrete impact on municipalities across Europe by promoting free access to Wi-Fi connectivity for citizens in public spaces. Through the distribution of EUR 15,000 vouchers, WiFi4EU seeks to create a pan-European network of public hotspots for Europeans in municipalities throughout the European Union. While creating a public network for all citizens, WiFi4EU has also laid the foundations for a Community where municipalities and installation companies can virtually meet and engage.

The WiFi4EU Community is open to all WiFi4EU stakeholders, primarily municipalities and Wi-Fi installation companies, but also citizens and representatives involved in the deployment of the network. All registered members are invited to initiate or participate in discussions, share their own experiences, showcase examples of best practices, and inform about events. To make the discussion more interactive, members can upload audio-visual material, for instance recordings of interviews, debates, examples of usage of the Wi-Fi networks and share links from the websites of their own local communities.

The main purpose of the Community is to have fruitful and open discussions about all aspects of the WiFi4EU initiative and, more broadly, about the delivery of digital public services through free-of-charge Wi-Fi connectivity in public spaces. The members of the WiFi4EU Community are able to interact with a wide range of individuals and installation companies across Europe, as well as with the European Commission (services and executive agency), which may serve as moderator to nurture the conversation.

From debating the best technological solution to sharing tips on how to deal with the different steps of the installation process, the WiFi4EU Community has emerged as a forum of discussion able to have a practical impact on the installation process of WiFi4EU networks. Since the launch of the initiative, the Community has brought together people from 30 participating countries and has generated hundreds of discussions in 24 languages. Thanks to the generosity of the members, who are always willing to share their experience and expertise, numerous doubts and technical questions have been solved and a supportive pan-European Community has taken shape.

Register on Futurium, join the WiFi4EU Community and shape Europe’s digital future!

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