DG CONNECT is setting up a pilot Community of Practice in which companies, industry associations, NGOs, universities, researchers or other organisations linked to internet or ICT sector can exchange ideas and best practices about better self- and co-regulation.

For many years, the Commission has fostered internet and ICT sector efforts to self-and co-regulate, principally in topics related to making the internet a safer and better place for kids. We now want to build on this approach and nurture a culture of better self-regulation & co-regulation across the EU. The first meeting of this Community of Practice will take place on Tuesday 10 December 2013 in Brussels.

You can now join the Community of Practice via its online platform. There, you will have the opportunity to find more information about it and to access documents, discuss them with other members of the Community and upload your own experiences.


In summer 2012, a public consultation on a "Code for Effective Open Voluntarism" showed that many business and civil society organisations wanted  a constructive dialogue on the basis of current best practice.

About four out of five respondents were interested in joining a Community of Practice, and DG CONNECT is now inviting all interested parties to take part.

The Community of Practice will complement existing initiatives and platforms, and will be supported by DG CONNECT staff.  In addition to formal meetings, discussions will continue via an on-line platform, including a curated collection of best practice literature and case studies. Community members, could, for example discuss the existing best practice Principles, and propose improvement.