The objective of the study is to measure the deployment of IPv6, i.e. the availability, the quality, and the usage of IPv6 in products and services, in the European Union in 2009 and 2010. The study should in particular determine as to whether the "25 % target" as set out in the above mentioned Communication has been achieved. To achieve this objective the contractor should carry out the following tasks : Develop a methodology for and conduct two specific IPv6 implementation measure for all or representative EU Member States in 2009 and 2010, respectively ; Use available statistics and appropriate metrics to assess the global deployment of IPv6 and compare the differences in the various regions (areas of the respective Regional Internet Registries) ; Identify critical gaps and bottlenecks in IPv6 deployment, also in respect to the quality of available products and services as well as security implications in deployment ; Document the work done and describe the result in a way that the Commission can easily disseminate the findings on its website. Deadline for submission of tenders: 20/08/2008 - Deadline for request of documents: 13/08/2008