Workshop's participants were asked to reflect and comment on concrete minimum IoT privacy and security principles to create a Trusted IoT environment. In addition, they had the chance to discuss the possible adequate tools and implementation mechanisms to ensure that innovation is not hampered by heavy procedures. The workshop was jointly organised by the European Commission and the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI).

You can contribute to the ongoing EU discussion on this topic by sending us your organisation's position paper via email at (no deadline).

This event followed up on the discussions which took place at the AIOTI Workshop on Security and Privacy during the ETSI Security Week 2016 as well as at the Digital Assembly 2016 'Internet of Things and ePrivacy' workshop. It also took note of the recently issued AIOTI WG4 'Digitisation of Industry policy'  document.

Background information

Willing to accelerate the uptake of Internet of Things in Europe, the European Commission (EC) put forward in April 2016 a comprehensive set of IoT policy actions. These policy actions can be found at the so-called 'Advancing the Internet of Things in Europe' document, which is part of EC's 'Digitising European Industry' strategy.

One of the policy challenges for IoT is to strengthen trust, security as well as end-to-end personal data protection and privacy in the field of IoT. One possible solution to this challenge could be the development of a 'Trusted IoT' label (as identified by the European Commission in its 'Communication on ICT Standardisation Priorities'), which will provide to consumers of IoT products information about the products' level of security and privacy. Such a 'Trusted IoT' label could be similar to the labelling system used today to indicate energy-efficiency of various appliances across the EU.

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“Generic security and privacy principles to ensure a Trusted IoT environment” by GSMA

“Data protection and cyber security in automated driving” by FIA

“Smart manufacturing: to ensure a trusted IoT environment” by VDMA

“Generic security and privacy principles to ensure a trusted IoT environment: the consumer view” by Test-Aankoop/Test-Achats


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