The final report of the January 13th workshop on Internet of Things Privacy and Security is now available to download. It reflects the main workshop's findings on minimum IoT privacy and security principles to create a trusted IoT environment.

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The workshop focused on the following Internet of Things (IoT) domains:

  1. Wearables & Smart Appliances
  2. Connected/Autonomous Vehicles
  3. Industrial IoT
  4. Smart Cities

The results of this workshop in above mentioned four domains show an aggregated thirty (30) minimum baseline principles regarding either security or privacy in IoT, or both, and of which numerous overlap cross-sectorial. These thirty principles also show that even though the four domains chosen are quite different from each other, the concerns and related main principles are actually applicable in each of the four domains.

The discussions during the workshop showed a clear need to identify, structure, understand and to address life cycles, including:

  1. IoT device/product life cycle
  2. Stakeholders life cycle
  3. Data life cycle
  4. Contextual life cycle

Download the Report