At this workshop the latest findings and achievements of the IoT standardisation working group (WG03) of the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) were presented and discussed. In addition, the participants debated on how AIOTI WG03 and standards developing organizations (SDOs)/Alliances/initiatives could engage in the process of solving any IoT standardization applied within and across application domains. They also had the chance to be informed of concrete ways on how to be involved in the development of IoT standards and/or join the ongoing EU debate on IoT standards.

Standardisation will play a key role in the consolidation of IoT landscape. Since many of the benefits of IoT will occur on the basis of widespread adoption, the development of global standards is pivotal to ensuring economies of scale and impact.

Background Information

AIOTI WG03 is contributing to the European and global engagement in the standardization process. In collaboration with other AIOTI WGs and STFs, WG03 is:

  • Maintaining a view on the landscape of IoT standards-relevant activities being driven by SDOs, Consortia, Alliances and OSS projects.
  • Providing a forum for analysis, discussion and alignment of strategic, cross-domain, technical themes and shared concerns across landscape activities
  • Developing recommendations and guidelines addressing those concerns
  • Engaging the IoT community in disseminating and promoting the results and steering

Currently the AIOTI Working group on IoT standardisation has established four sub-groups to assist his work:

  1. Sub-group on IoT landscape analysis
  2. Sub-group on definition of a high-level architecture
  3. Sub-group on semantic interoperability
  4. Sub-group on privacy between interconnected "things" and systems.
  5. Sub-group on security between interconnected "things" and systems

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Opening speeches

AIOTI WG03 set the scene with STF505

Panel on converging IoT standards

Wrap-up session and closing remarks

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Morning Sessions

Keynote speech: ETSI work on Standards for the IoT

Core values of AIOTI WG03

The main AIOTI WG03 reports

IoT standards landscape state of play of AIOTI WG03 and STF505

Panel on converging IoT standards

Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions questions

1. Smart Farming

AEF Ag industry body for electronic communication

The challenges of 'Digitalization' and 'Big Data'

Digital farming

Internet of Food & Farm 2020


2. Smart Cities


AIOTI WG8 smart cities - Charter


Hypercat & CityVerve



3. Industrial IoT

Industrie 4.0

OPC unified architecture

Factories of the future pilots

EFFRA – 'Connected Factories'



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