The following "info-fiches" provide factual information and background explanation on 11 key aspects covered by the Communication on "Internet Policy and Governance". They describe the issues at stake, their current situation and the European Commission's perspective on them.



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Excerpts from the Communication


Globalisation of IANA

"The Commission will work with all stakeholders to identify how to globalise the IANA functions, whilst safeguarding the continued stability and security of the domain-name system"


Globalisation of ICANN

"The Commission will work with all stakeholders to establish a clear timeline for the globalisation of ICANN, including its Affirmation of Commitments."


COMPACT principles

"The Commission supports establishing a coherent set of global Internet governance principles, consistent with fundamental rights and democratic values, with all stakeholders."


Future of Internet Governance Forum

"The Commission will engage with stakeholders to […] strengthen the Internet Governance Forum, taking account of the Recommendations of the Working Group on Improvements to the IGF"


Rights, responsibilities and limits of public authorities

"The Commission will engage with all stakeholders to […] clearly define the role of public authorities in the multistakeholder context, consistent with an open and free Internet"


Breaking down silos / strengthening inclusiveness

"The Commission will engage with all stakeholders to […] facilitate issues-based multistakeholder dialogue and decision-making across organisational boundaries" "The Commission proposes to launch the technical development of the Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO) in 2014 as a resource for the global community"


Future of multi-stakeholder model

"The European Commission is firmly committed to the multistakeholder model of Internet governance. The Commission calls upon stakeholders to further strengthen the sustainability of the model by making actors and processes more inclusive, transparent and accountable."


Building bridges between technology and policy

"The Commission, together with interested parties […] proposes to convene a series of workshops with international experts in law, ethics, social sciences, economics, international relations and technology. This expected output will be concrete and actionable recommendations to ensure coherence between existing normative frameworks and new forms of Internet-enabled norm-setting. The Commission encourages all stakeholders to strengthen (and where appropriate create) structured mechanisms to allow regular, early and truly inclusive upstream participation, review and comment in technical decisions. These structured mechanisms should also strive towards consistency of technical decisions with human rights"


Confidence on and in the Internet

"The Commission is committed to working with partners to rebuild trust in the Internet, including through the strengthening of its global governance, which is an essential prerequisite for a sustainable future for an open Internet"


Internet and jurisdiction

"The European Commission will launch an in-depth review of the risks, at international level, of conflicts of laws and jurisdictions arising on the Internet and assess all mechanisms, processes and tools available and necessary to solve such conflicts."


Capacity building

"The Commission calls on stakeholders to engage in capacity building in order to establish and promote multistakeholder processes in countries and regions where such processes are not or less developed." "The Commission, together with recipients, will continue in 2014 to strengthen its development assistance programmes in support of media development and freedom of expression, as well as technological, policy and regulatory capacity-building related to the Internet." "The Commission proposes to launch the technical development of the Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO) in 2014 as a resource for the global community"