What is the state of play of the International Patient Summary? On 7 February 2017, the European Commission hosted a workshop on this topic. European countries, projects and initiatives related to this topic (eStandards, VALUeHEALTH, EU-US eHealth at Work, EURACARE, Trillium Bridge II and JAseHN) discussed policy, deployment, competencies and standards.

International Patient Summary: Window to your health data

A Patient Summary is a digital dataset that includes the most important clinical facts required to ensure safe and secure care. When this summary is made available to the treating physician or the relevant health team, it becomes especially useful (and sometimes even critical) for the patient's safety in situations of unplanned or emergency care.

Several EU member states and regions have already implemented some form of patient summary in their national healthcare system. Now the challenge is to have an International Patient Summary that can be readily accessible and understood at the point of care in any country around the world.

Feedback needed

Concerning the International Patient Summary, CEN has launched two new work item proposals, to which you can provide your feedback and vote on until 4 April 2017.

At eHealth Week in Malta (10-12 May 2017) a session entitled 'How to make the International Patient Summary a Reality?' will further discuss the topic.

International Patient Summary Workshop 7 February 2017 - event report

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