The Quantum Flagship High-Level expert group provides its first recommendations for the Strategic Research Agenda of the Quantum Flagship, and some options for its implementation. The group will deliver its final report this summer, with consolidated implementation model and a governance model.

The Strategic Research Agenda proposed in the Intermediate Report sets ambitious but achievable goals for the QT Flagship’s ten years’ lifetime, and details them for the initial three-year ramp-up phase. The High-Level expert group proposes that the QT flagship would be structured around four mission-driven research and innovation domains, representing the major applied areas in the field: Communication, Computation, Simulation, as well as Sensing and Metrology. These application domains should be built on top of a common basis of Basic Science, with top research institutions and companies spread across Europe assisting their objectives by delivering novel ideas, tools, methods and processes. The enabling aspects addressed in each domain belong to one of these three categories: Engineering and Control, Software and Theory, Education and Training.

The Intermediate Report will be handed over to the Commission during the "Quantum Europe 2017: Towards the Quantum Technology Flagship" conference, on 17 February 2017 in Malta.

Download the Intermediate Report.