Visitors can attend the interactive exhibition during the two-day event to discover what the European Commission is doing to digitise the European Union and its citizens. The exhibition includes projects funded by the EU and current EU digital initiatives and opportunities.

collage of pictures showing the exhibited projects at digital Assembly

Digital skills and jobs coalition, digital opportunity traineeship initiative and startup Europe

Organisations who want to boost digital skills in Europe can get more information on how to become a member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition and on how to take action to tackle the digital skills gap. Students who want to get hands-on digital experience can find more information on how to apply for a digital opportunity traineeship. Entrepreneurs can learn more about how to soft-land in other markets and much more with Startup Europe.  

Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition website

Digital opportunity traineeship website

Startup Europe website


.eu (EURid)

The European Registry of Internet Domain Names (EURid) operates the .eu top-level domain. At the EURid stand, visitors can win a prize by participating in a short quiz. They can also learn about how the secure .eu and .ею domain names are building online trust and watch testimonial videos.

EURid website 


STARTS programme       

The European Commission’s STARTS arts stimulating programme promotes the inclusion of artists in projects funded by Horizon 2020, the EU’s research and innovation programme. The most innovative projects that combine science, technology and the arts, and which make a significant impact in economic and social innovation can compete for the annual STARTS award. The STARTS Residencies programme aims to support and fund artistic residencies that bring original artistic contributions to technology-based projects.

STARTS website


Connecting Europe building blocks (CEF), eGovernment and trust, ISA²

The CEF programme funds generic digital service infrastructures, or building blocks, which can be reused in any European project. These building blocks help make digital public services across borders and sectors easier. The ISA² programme funds digital solutions that help public administrations, businesses and citizens in Europe to carry out cross-border and cross-sector public services. eGovernment, e-identification and trust services are all part of CEF and ISA².

CEF building blocks website

ISA² programme website


EU-funded project REVEAL

The REVEAL project creates a technology that will help game studios to easily develop educational games for Playstation VR to discover Europe’s rich cultural heritage. Visitors can try the demo version of the imperial forum game.

REVEAL website


EU-funded project My health my data

The my health my data project will show how they use blockchain technology to create a safe and easily accessible platform to store, transfer and retrieve medical data.

My health my data website


EU-funded project V4Design    

V4Design uses visual and textual content to improve the re-living of a specific location in virtual reality. They will create a platform where architects, designers and video game creators can discover and reuse cultural heritage objects.

V4Design website


EU-funded project SPARK    

Spatial augmented reality is used by the SPARK project to create co-creativity between the client, the brief, the designer and the consumer. Visitors can try the technology and interact by modifying graphics elements on packaging designs using real objects.

SPARK website


EU-funded project VOSTARS    

The VOSTARS project is designing and developing a disruptive wearable augmented reality system to act as surgical navigator. The technology will integrate the surgeon’s view and provide stereoscopic vision, HD capabilities, lightness, wearability, precision and no more obtrusive external trackers. An early demonstrator will be presented.

VOSTARS website


EU-funded project PAL

The personal assistant for a healthy lifestyle PAL project will demonstrate its developed robot and tablet application that supports parents, health care professionals and children with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus.

PAL website


EU-funded project ImAc             

The immmersive accessibility project investigates how accessibility services can be integrated with immersive media. Visitors can participate in a multiscreen immersive experience and learn more about accessibility.

ImAc website


Google Arts & Culture and Google Earth Voyager Story “Discover Bulgaria”        

This online exhibition is prepared by the Bulgarian National Gallery for Google Arts and Culture Platform where you can discover Bulgaria through the Google earth voyager story. There are also demonstrations of cardboard and arts experiments.