The Committee of the Regions and EUREGHA, the network of European Regional and Local Health Authorities, are organising a conference about the future of healthcare in Europe and integrated care. The EU-funded ICT4Life project will be presented as good practice.

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The next meeting of the European Committee of the Regions' Interregional Group on Health and Well-being will involve a presentation by Isabella Notarangelo, health economist at the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation (HOPE), who will give an overview on the ICT4Life Horizon 2020-funded project aimed at advancing Europe’s leadership role in personalised services for integrated care.

Professor Jonas Christensen from the Malmö University (SE) will speak about AppSam – Professional Support in Dementia Care – a transnational project in the CareSam cross-border research network aimed at implementing a social innovation model.

The panels showcasing EUREGHA members’ best practices will be followed by discussions between European Commission's representatives, health care specialists or NGOs, giving their views on how the examples can be replicated or scaled-up. 

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