The Innovation Radar started last year to assess the maturity of innovations developed within EU funded projects and to help innovators fulfil the market potential of these innovations. 14 shortlisted innovators are now competing for the first ever IR Prize. Each of them will showcase their innovation and deliver a pitch at ICT 2015. Check out their profile as well as their innovation and don't forget to vote!

What is the Innovation Radar?

The Innovation Radar (IR) is a DG Connect support initiative which focuses on the identification of high potential innovations in FP7, CIP and H2020 ICT-related projects and the key organisations best placed to deliver these innovations to market. The IR supports the innovators by giving recognition, expert advice and suggesting a range of targeted actions that can assist them in fulfilling their market potential.
From the data collected during a pilot phase (May 2014 – January 2015), innovations and innovators in more than 250 ICT FP7/CIP projects were analysed. The findings have already been published in the report "Innovation Radar: Identifying Innovations and Innovators with High Potential in ICT FP7, CIP & H2020 Projects".
From the results of this study, 14 high potential innovators have been shortlisted to compete for the first ever IR Prize, to be awarded at ICT 2015 in Lisbon (20-22 October). Their innovations cover a wide range of markets from language technologies to data management to green IT solutions to intelligent textiles.

Who are the shortlisted innovators for the IR Prize?

Check below a short description of each innovator (full shortlist also available). Each of them will publish a blogpost before ICT 2015, elaborating on their innovation and future plans.

  • BroadBit (Sloavkia) has a strong expertise in developing ICT and energy solutions in the transportation sector, such as new batteries for electric vehicles.
  • CloudBroker (Switzerland) brings the benefits of cloud computing to compute-intensive applications, such as modelling, simulation and analysis applications.
  • DeepLingo (France): this young startup company provides fully customized automatic translation tools adapted to customers' domain and technical vocabulary.
  • EEA (Czech Republic) is a software house concentrating on design, development, integration and support of online ICT solutions.
  • Expert system (Italy) develops software that understands written language in the way people do, with speed and precision, to grasp the meaning and context of language.
  • fluidOps (Germany) is a software company, leader in semantic technologies which focuses on data and cloud management.
  • Fluidtime (Austria) provides IT solutions for smart mobility, from journey planning applications to traffic data management.
  • Primo1D (France): the primary product of this young company is a textile yarn embarking electronic functions, for traceability applications for example in the industrial laundry sector.
  • Softeco Sismat (Italy) develops ICT technologies for mobile solutions and supervision and process control for its customers in energy, transport, telecommunications and finance fields.
  • Sparsity Technologies (Spain) provides services for data management, based on the technology of graph databases.
  • Translated (Italy) has developed a free and open-source translation software, which is provided as service platform for companies, universities, translation agencies and freelance translators.
  • Trinité Automation (Netherlands) is expert in Active Traffic Management and has developed a platform which facilitates the coordination and integration of mobility data and solutions.
  • Verified Systems International GmbH (Germany) develops technologies allowing testing embedded systems, with particular focus on safety critical systems.
  •  WebRatio (Italy) provides fast, agile and robust software development platforms for its clients' mobile and Web applications.

How will the Innovation Prize be awarded at ICT 2015?

Each innovator will have 3 minutes to pitch their innovation to ICT 2015 delegates during the "Innovation Radar pitching event" in the Startup Europe Forum (Auditorium III) on Wednesday 21 October (17:30-18:30). They will also showcase their product or demo at the Innovation Radar booth (see the planning), within the Startup Europe Forum area on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The first ever IR Prize will be awarded on Thursday 22 October during the Prizes Award Ceremony (12:30-13:00).

The winner will be revealed by taking into account the following:

  • the ranking of the innovators given by a judging panel who will be in the audience of the Innovation Radar pitching event (panel of 3 experts from investment, innovation, accelerator sectors...);
  • the results from the Euronews poll: you can already check the 14 innovators short profiles and innovations on the Euronews website, and vote for your preferred one (poll open till Monday 19 October);
  • the vote from ICT 2015 participants, via the app "Conf4me" (vote on 20 & 21 October).

What are the other IR activities during ICT 2015?

In the Conference programme, two sessions are organised by the IR team, focusing on innovation aspects:

The IR team will also be available at the IR booth during the whole event to explain its activities so far and the guidance/support which can be provided during the project lifetime in terms of the most appropriate steps to reach the market. In particular, the IR team will present the "Go-To-Market" initiatives.

Stay tuned and don't miss the innovators' blogsposts!

ICT 2015 - Lisbon - 20-22 October 2015