The EU-funded project INNO4COV-19, which is committed to support the commercialisation of new products across Europe for combatting COVID-19, will support 18 proposals following the end of its first open call.

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The First Round of INNO4COV-19 Open Call was launched on the 2nd of November 2020 with cut-off date on the 30th of November. The Open Call aim is to accelerate the development and commercialization of innovative solutions to tackle COVID-19. 

A total of 135 applications were submitted by applicants from 21 different European countries, being the majority of applicants SME and Startups.  After a first eligibility check, a total of 112 applications were sent for the full evaluation process, resulting in 18 proposals recommended for funding (16% success rate).
The total amount funded in the OpenCall First Round is EUR  1,770,802.30.

The selected proposals for the first round of  INNO4COV-19 Open Call will be working on the development and implementation of innovative technologies to fight COVID-19 in four technology domain: Innovative diagnostic and screening systems, environmental survelliance, Sensors & Devices for Telemedicine and Telepresence and Protective equipment for People and safer Public.

The 18 succesful proposals:

All the details of the projects selected for funding of the First Round the Open Call are publicly available on Inno4cov-19 website.

INNO4COV-19 Open Call-Key Date UPDATE

Due to the high number of relevant applications in the first INNO4COVID-19 Open Call, and to speed up the emergency actions to tackle COVID-19, the second and third rounds of INNO4COV-19 Open Call have been merged in a single cut-off date.

Final Round date: 30th April 2021 (17h00 CET)

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