This Report covers the "Information and Stakeholders' Day on Wearables" organised by DG CONNECT on 11 December 2015.

The "Information and Stakeholders' Day on Wearables" attracted hundreds of participants and thousands of internet interactions and followers, proving a high level of interest in wearables and the presence of a committed stakeholder base in Europe.

Smart wearables occupy a position between the digital and the human world. They are held to have the potential to transform the way society functions within the near future. They support immediate, real-world actions and decisions by providing directly relevant, contextual information and performing tasks precisely at the point of decision-making, causing the boundaries between the physical and the virtual world to blur further.

The main event conclusions were that:

  • The solution set for smart wearables comprises a platform, specific technologies and functionality to address the requirements of chosen application areas.
  • For application areas, a clear focus is needed on how to use the solution – actionability- and what people/society can learn as a result of system use.
  • A "black box" approach - the provision of devices without interconnectivity to a linked back end system - is now redundant.
  • Despite bullish projections for future market growth, there have been false dawns already. The potential for economically sustainable industrialisation of smart wearables in Europe has yet to be realised.
  • An eco-system in Europe needs to be built-up, comprising equipment providers, platform or network operators, content and app providers and the end user/final consumer. The interactions between these actors within an eco-system are complex and need to be clearly understood in order to create value.
  • Europe is well positioned to scope and exploit the potential from smart wearables. EU funding is available to support R & D and piloting of solutions. Opportunities exist in a number of sectors including health, sports, household, textiles, personal protective equipment, construction, manufacturing, logistics and other services.

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