Thanks to the upcoming ‘Virtual Physiological Human', new environments for predictive, patient specific, more effective and safer healthcare are being developed

Can you imagine, for instance, the benefits of having an ‘e-drug' tested in an ‘e-cell' of an ‘e-patient'?!

The Modelling and Simulation of Life is one of the most exciting and promising research areas with great hopes for humanity.

To explore Systems Biology supported by advanced Information and Communications Technologies such as Grid Computing, ERCIM and ETSI are pleased to invite you to the 2009 edition of their joint ‘Infinity Initiative'.

The two organisations will welcome top-level experts who will share their vision of Modelling and Simulation of Life while demonstrating how research and standards, supported by the European Commission, can benefit people, society and business.

Delegates will include scientists, industry leaders, key EC decision-makers and major players in the field. ERCIM and ETSI believe it essential that standardisation be considered early in the R&D cycle in order to facilitate maximum creation and development of home and international markets for European industry.

Attendance to the workshop is free and open to non-members of ETSI, upon registration.

ETSI, ERCIM, European Commission DG INFSO
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