The purpose of this tender is the purchase of services: to develop and administer a web portal to act as single point of access to data sets produced and held by European Commission services (and by extension to data sets produced and held by other European Institutions/bodies and other public bodies); to assist the Commission with the definition and implementation of a data set publication process; to assist the Commission with the preparation of data sets for publication via the portal; to assist the Commission in supporting for engaging the stakeholders' community interested in re-using the published data sets.

What are the benefits of Open Data?

Accessing, analysing, reusing, combining, and processing governmental data produces important benefits that can be grouped around two dimensions:

  • Transparency: Open data is perceived as a powerful instrument to increase transparency in public administration, improving visibility on previously not accessible information, informing citizens and business on policies, public spending and outcomes.
  • New services and economic growth: data combined in innovative and not initially foreseen ways enables new added-value services, boosting job creation, and resulting in substantial improvements in public service provision while contributing to economic growth.


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