Immunisation is the vaccination process whereby people are protected against illness caused by infection with micro-organisms (formally called pathogens). This workshop will focus on the potential of new technology to help increase the uptake of adult immunisation.

Through the project the organisers will seek to:

  • Highlight to policymakers across Europe the importance of adult immunisation;
  • Highlight how new technology can help increase uptake of adult immunisation;
  • Understand barriers to the introduction of new technology in this area;
  • Make policy recommendations to break down the barriers to the use of new technology to support adult immunisation.

The event will be attended by policymakers, opinion formers, technology experts and those interested in health, ageing and vaccination. It is organised by the International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK), a futures organisation focussed on some of the biggest challenges facing government and society in the context of demographic change.

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