The objective is to evaluate technical specifications against the criteria of Annex II of Regulation (EU) No 1025/2012 in order to determine their eligibility for referencing in public procurement.

The evaluation will form the basis for the expert group "Multi Stakeholder Platform for ICT standardisation" (MSP) advice to the Commission on whether a technical specification should be formally identified for being available for referencing by public authorities in public procurement.

The criteria in Annex II of Regulation (EU) No 1025/2012 describe the requirements a technical specification is expected to meet in order to be directly referenced in public procurement. They consider general characteristics of the specification and of the process underlying is development and also take the EU standards system environment into account. The criteria are organized into the following categories: Market acceptance, coherence, openness, consensus, transparency, maintenance, availability, IPR, relevance, neutrality and stability, quality.

Evaluation of a technical specification against the Annex II criteria does not require or ask for a technical analysis of the content of the specification but there may be queries related to the application of the specifications that touch on technical details”

In accordance with Article 13, the Commission will consult the committee set up by the corresponding Union legislation, if it exist, or other sectorial experts if such Committee does not exist.

After the consultation of both the Platform and the sectorial experts, The Commission might issue the Commission Implementing Decision that identifies the ICT Technical specification that might then be eligible for referencing in public procurement.

The Decision will be adopted in accordance with the Commission's internal procedures and will be published in the Official Journal.

Those technical specifications have been identified so far.

For more information regarding the Commission Implementing Decisions, please visit the DG GROWTH webpage.