Photonics and Micro/Nanoelectronics: research excellence and industrial competitiveness to target societal challenges in Europe

Session 1 – ICT KETs: supporting Growth and Jobs while meeting Societal Challenges

The ICT Key Enabling Technologies are driving innovation and economic growth in many fields and are providing new solutions to today's problems such as energy efficiency, the ageing society and safety and security. The speakers addressed how European leadership in these key areas can be supported and in particular how industry and public authorities can work together in partnerships to increase the impact on economic growth, jobs and solutions for societal challenges

Session 2 – ICT KETs for Art and Cultural Heritage

Objectives: ICT Key Enabling Technologies are creating innovative approaches to the creation of art as well as the preservation of cultural heritage. The speakers explored ways in which technology is revolutionising this area as well and bringing new ways for the general public to engage with art and cultural heritage.

Session 3 – ICT KETs offering a Wealth of Applications and Services for Citizens

Technology development must also be seen in the context of the impact it has on our citizens and our society. What are the benefits and what are the dangers it may bring? How can we ensure that technology development takes place in a responsible way? How can we create a greater level of mutual engagement and understanding between citizens and technology and avoid the creation of a technology divide?

Session 4 -Panel: ICT KETs Benefiting Smart Cities and Communities in Europe

Cities and communities can benefit greatly from the use of ICT Key Enabling Technologies and they will also play a key role in accelerating the wider use of these technologies as well as democratizing the benefits of innovation. In this panel discussion the speakers discussed how ICT technology can be used to make cities and communities smarter, what are the real needs and how cities and industry can work together to make it happen.