ICT Call 4 seeks proposals - among others - in the area of ICT for Governance and Policy Modelling (Objective 7.3 of ICT Work Programme 2009-10). The closing date for proposals is 17h00 on 1st April 2009.

It is now recognised that on-line collaborations have the potential to trigger and shape significant changes in the way future societies will function. Extrapolation of the present exponential growth leads to scenarios where very large percentages of populations could, if equipped with the right tools, simultaneously voice opinions and views on major and minor societal challenges, and thereby herald the transition to a different form of dynamically participative 'eSociety'. While such scenarios are readily imaginable, it must be recognised that we currently do not have appropriate governance models, process flows, or analytical tools with which to properly understand, interpret, visualise and harness the forces that can be unleashed.

Research under the Challenge 7 should take into consideration relevant technologies and other results from successfully completed or ongoing projects.

Expected Impact

• Improved empowerment and engagement of individuals, groups and communities in policy making processes. Increased trust of the citizens through transparency and feedback of their contributions.

• More efficient collection of feedback to continuously improve governance. Improved prediction of impacts of policy measures, with increased contribution and involvement of individuals and communities, and based on intelligent and optimised use of vast public sector knowledge resources.

• Strengthened competitive position of European industry in the fields of cooperation platforms, optimisation, simulation and visualisation tools.

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