The Study is based on over 190,000 filled questionnaires from students, teachers and head teachers in 27 countries, collected between September and December 2011.

SMART 2010/0039 includes open data

The micro-data from the three questionnaires cover four samples: ISCED level 1 (primary level of education), ISCED level 2 (lower secondary level of education) and ISCED level 3 (upper secondary level of education), distinguishing level 3A academic and 3B vocational. Due to financial, technical and time constraints, no student questionnaire has been administered in primary schools (ISCED1).

To understand the structure of the micro-data, please refers to the following documents:

The eleven files with micro-data (3 questionnaires by 4 ISCED levels) are available in three different formats to facilitate their reuse by researchers:

A general analysis of all the data has been conducted during 2012 and the results are available in form of the final report and country fiches.