Next generation learning and teaching, social games for conflict resolution as well as innovative multistakeholder financial schemes - such is the selection for learning projects at the ICT in Vilnius, starting this Wendesday. This careful selection reflects major trends in Opening Up Education - learn anytime, anywhere, within a community and with a device of your choice. 

The 2013 ICT Create Connect and Grow Conference in Vilnius gathers over 4000 participants from all over the world who come to learn more about the cutting edge research in ICT and policy thread. Among them, three projects on new ways of learning.

1. The SIREN project aims to create a new type of educational game, the conflict resolution game, that can help shape how children think about and handle conflict. The software developed by the project will be able to automatically generate conflict scenarios that fit the teaching needs of particular groups of children with varying cultural background, maturity, and technical expertise, and the desired learning outcomes as specified by a teacher. This will enable the system to be used by school teachers all over Europe, without specific technical training. The consortium gathers 7 partners from EL, US, UK, DE, PT and the project total cost is foreseen at 3M €.

2. Although the comprehensive project NEXT TELL embraces a series of objectives ranging from conceptual framework, through school data capacity to individual learners' support, its' foremost goal is to provide an innovation platform, used by teachers to continuously and collaboratively innovate ICT-enhanced formative classroom assessment. Support is offered on 3 levels: 

  • For the teacher (and for students) in the class, and for homework, to help with pedagogical decision making (feedback, instructional planning);
  • For groups of teachers conducting inquiries into students’ learning with the aim to improve pedagogy and use of ICT in their teaching;
  • For principals and head teachers to strategically align ICT with pedagogical goals of their school.

NEXT-TELL gathers 12 partnes from AT, UK, DE, NO, IT PL and the total cost is 8M €.  

3. Today there exist many great ICT products, apps and services on the market in order to support e- learning in the European classroom. But few of them are developed in a customized way supporting the implementation of creative learning and innovative teaching with the true pedagogical needs of our schools (end users) in focus.This is the challenge of the IMAILE project which starts this year with a 8M € budget and a consortium  from SE, FI. ES and DE. For the first time, thanks to the innovative pre-commercial procurement, a direct solution to both demand- as well as supply side within learning technologies is offered.  It will result in  effective public- private partnership a SUSTAINABLE future of Technology. The total cost of the project is foreseen at 5,2 M €.