The Digital Champion for Portugal, Antonio Murta, talks about his priorities for 2013 and the challenges his country is facing in ICT sector. Mr Murta has been appointed Digital Champion in 2012.

Antonio Murta

"I am planning to concentrate my activity on 4 areas. Firstly, on promoting our exports and using ICT to enable that growth. Then to promote the use of ICT to reduce the level of informal economy. Thirdly, to continue to be a smart adopter of eGov practices. Last but not least, to create qualified jobs in ICT."

"One of my priorities for 2013 is to promote Portuguese export. We need to increase our export, especially via e-commerce", said Antonio Murta. He also intends to collaborate with his Government to combat fiscal evasion via IT tools: "This is a very big issue in Portugal and we need to balance the economy".

Mr Murta would like to concentrate his activity as Digital Champions on:

- promoting Portuguese exports and use ICT to enable that growth – both digital and non-digital

- using ICT to reduce the level of informal economy in our country

- continuing to be a smart adopter of e-Government practices

- creating qualified jobs in ICT

The Digital Champions sees 2 challenges Portugal needs to deal with: the lack of visibility of IT sector and the lack of finance. "There is a lack of funding for our SMEs and we are still trying to find the best ways to tackle that", added Mr Murta.