ICT 2018 proposed online as well as offline possibilities to network. The networking sessions were open for every participant, while the Face2Face brokerage event consisted of prearranged one-on-one meetings.

Networking people


Thematic networking sessions

Thematic networking sessions were organised by stakeholders attending ICT 2018 and aimed to boost exchanges between all participants.

These networking sessions were informal group discussions that seek brainstorming and active interactions between participants. By stimulating forward-looking collaboration, they aimed to develop new partnerships, notably for research and innovation.

Bringing together a diverse set of actors sharing a common interest in a specific research, innovation or policy domain, the sessions provided a space to explore innovative ideas, concepts and partnerships for action.

Explore the schedule of the thematic networking sessions at ICT 2018

Face2Face brokerage event

Face2Face has been a networking event with short, prearranged meetings. It offered an additional way of networking and possibly meeting potential cooperation partners at the event.