For internet traffic to reach its destination, domain names and addresses are essential. The organisation responsible for the definition of policies for the global coordination of the Domain Name System (DNS) is ICANN, a private sector, non-profit US corporation based in California. Since its creation in 1998, ICANN has operated under a series of Memoranda of Understanding with the US government which specified its objectives regarding policy making for the DNS. The most recent MoU (called the "Joint Project Agreement") will expire on 30 September 2009. In May, EU Commissioner Viviane Reding outlined her vision for the future of internet governance in a video message.

Since 2005, the European Commission has repeatedly called for reform of the governance of the internet's key global resources. This is necessary to ensure important public policy objectives such as freedom of expression and facilitating stable business transactions online.

Commissioner Reding is expected to comment on the upcoming US administration's decision concerning ICANN.

Video message : The Future of Internet Governance: Towards an Accountable ICANN

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