Mobile roaming charges continue to be very high in Europe. This is shown by a Europe-wide survey, published by Eurobarometer on 7 November, and by the recent development of international mobile roaming prices. An overwhelming majority of EU citizens believe the EU should step in to make sure that prices for making and receiving calls on mobile phones when travelling in other EU countries are not substantially higher than those at home. European mobile phone users continue to pay between €4 and €6 for a four minute roamed call abroad, as shown by the European Commission’s website on roaming prices, updated today. In some cases, roaming prices for such a call even reach more than €12.

"Excessively high prices restrict mobile usage while abroad. This hurts consumers, it hurts European industry, and it hurts Europe," says Information Society and Media Commissioner Viviane Reding. "Reducing roaming prices is not only a political responsibility of the European Commission, but can also be an interesting business model, as demonstrated by some operators who have started to move in this direction in recent months with the introduction of special roaming packages. I call on all mobile operators to help tear down this last visible border in Europe’s internal market. It is not acceptable that the burden of international mobile roaming continues to be shouldered by ordinary citizens who pay standard tariffs."

The new findings on international mobile roaming charges have emerged from a special Eurobarometer report published today. An overwhelming majority (70%) of respondents to the survey support the need for EU intervention to lower roaming costs across the EU (see IP/06/978) to the benefit of ordinary citizens. 68% would even support EU intervention to bring down roaming charges for SMS, a view shared by 78% of mobile phone users aged 15-24.

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