Representatives from the main brain research initiatives in Europe, Japan, Korea, the United States and Australia have signed a declaration to establish an International Brain Initiative. They have committed to work together to tackle the challenge of better understanding the brain.

Picture of a group of nine standing people

The declaration was signed on 7 December at the Australian Academy of Science in Camberra (Australia). The Human Brain Project (HBP) Scientific Director Katrin Amunts said that "to understand the complexity of the brain requires the greatest cooperation possible”. The International Brain Alliance members committed to work together in areas such as data sharing, standardisation mechanisms and ethics and privacy protection.

HBP executive director Chris Ebell said that the declaration "is a chance to step-up to another level of interdisciplinary, international scientific research and deliver results that will profoundly impact our collective societies". Next step after the signature of the declaration is a first meeting of the International Brain Alliance Steering Board to be held beginning of 2018 in Korea.

Read more information on the declaration in the press release: World’s Brain Initiatives Move Forward Together.

The Human Brain Project is a Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Flagship, one of the EU's biggest research initiatives to tackle major science and technology challenges.

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