This forum engages with industry, commercial organisations and clinicians on the project's work in building an integrated set of software and analytics tools for advanced brain research and technology development.

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This event is organised by the Human Brain Project and brings together the industry, commercial organisations and cliniciais to build an integrated set of software and alaytics tools for a more advanced brain research and technologicy development.   More specifically, the following themes will be addressed:

• Brain-inspired artificial intelligence, including deep learning;
• Neuromorphic computing;
• Brain-based robotics;
• Brain mapping and modelling;
• Personalised medicine.

The event consists of a first day with talks from leading figures and high-level scientists in the Human Brain Project and a second day with an exhibition to showcase some of the project's latest achievements. Interested people can register to attend either both days or one of them.

Find out more information on the Human Brain Project webpage.

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