Companies and organisations alike are becoming increasingly aware that they are sitting on a huge amount of underutilised data and, thus, striving to increase its value. Among the different approaches enabling effective data exploitation and real data value enhancement, data monetisation is rapidly gaining momentum and becoming more and more popular. Yet, the conditions for a successful data monetisation and its practical implications still require further exploration.

Leveraging the results of two recent studies: the European Data Market study on the Data Economy and the study on B2B Data Sharing in Europe, this webinar will explore how data monetisation unfolds in practice and how the reality is shaping behind the hype.

The webinar will take place from 14.00 to 15.00 CET.

Expert speakers will present real-life examples of successful data monetisation in Europe and discuss how to make better use of data and generate revenue from it.

Key Speakers

  • Catarina Arnaut, business leader, Everis
  • Katarzyna Jakimowicz, associate director, the Lisbon Council
  • Giorgio Michelleti, consulting director, International Data Corporation (IDC)
  • Marta Pont, business consultant, Everis

About the European Data Market Study

The European Data Market Study aims to define, assess and measure the European data economy, supporting the achievement of the data value chain policy of the European Commission. This strategy is focused on developing a vibrant and innovative data ecosystem of stakeholders driving the growth of this innovative market in Europe. The main results of the study will feed into the annual reviews of the Digital Agenda Scoreboard providing valuable data and information. The project is carried out by IDC and the Lisbon Council. For more information, visit

IDC & The Lisbon Council
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