The FET Proactive project MAGENTA is developing brand new thermoelectric materials based on ionic ferrofluids (colloidal dispersions of magnetic nanoparticles in ionic liquids).These materials will be versatile, cost-effective and non-toxic and will assist the economically and environmentally sustainable energy transition in Europe.

Magenta project logo

FET Proactive project MAGENTA tries to give an answer to the fact that most of the worlds's consumed energy us lost to waste heat through all levels of human activity. MAGENTA's solution is based on the use of a new kind of thermoelectric matterial, special magnetic liquids, that turns the waste thermal heat into electricity and useful energy.

MAGENTA is coordinated by Dr Sawako Nakamae, from the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission. The MAGENTA consortium combines a whide range of multi-disciplinary expertise, from foundational thermoelectric ferrofluids, to magnetic devices, materials for waste heat recovery in specific applicaitons (automotive and microelectronics) and experts on public engagement in future renewable energy technology. The consortium includes six academic labs and 4 industrial partners; geographically distributed in France, Italy, Greece, Poland, United Kingdom and Switzerland.

Read this H2020 article for a more in depth description of the project's goals and ambitions.