The aim of the MAGNEURON Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) project is to work out how to control newly implanted neurons in the brain, so that they can grow, re-wire and function correctly. This is particularly important for neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson.

Picture showing how the MAGNEURON project works

The FET-Open project MAGNEURON aims to develop a novel technology for magnetic actuation of cellular functions to treat Parkinson’s disease. The innovative concept of their technology is to remote-control the behaviour of cells using bio-functionalized magnetic nanoparticles.

MAGNEURON is led by Dr. Mathieu Coppey, from Institut Curie, France. The project includes 6 partners from France, Germany and the United Kingdom, covering the areas of Physical-Chemistry, Bio-chemistry, Biophysics, Nanosciences, Neurosciences and Regenerative medicine.

In his blog Dr. Mathieu Coppey discusses the project's rationale in trying to address Parkinson's disease.