Last call for Innovators, SMEs and non-profit organisations to apply for the Horizon Prize on 'Breaking the Optical Transmission Barriers'. Online application closes on March 15th 2016.

Crack the Challenge and win €500,000

Launched in March 2015, two Horizon Prizes of €500,000 each are going to be awarded to the two innovators who will find the best solution either to the optical transmission barriers or to the collaborative spectrum sharing.

The solution that best maximises the fibre capacity per channel, spectrum range and/or spectral efficiency and reach, to overcome the current limitations of long distance fibre transmission systems, will be awarded with the Horizon Prize for 'Breaking the Optical Transmission Barriers'. The solution must also be energy efficient, economically viable, and easy to install and deploy and should have a strong potential to be adopted in future generations of optical-system products.

The Horizon Prize for 'Collaborative Spectrum Sharing' will be awarded to an innovative and disruptive approach which will enable a significant increase in spectrum sharing and re-use, beyond the currently applicable spectrum sharing methods and centralized techniques. The winning solution should be a significant step forward from current technologies and solutions in terms of shared spectrum usage metrics and will have to prove its economic viability.

Who can join the contest?

The contest is open to SMEs or non-profit organisations established in an EU Member State or in countries associated with Horizon 2020, the EU's research and innovation programme, acting alone or together with other entities which are part of the same team.

What are the contest rules?

In order to have all the details before submitting your proposal, please read the rules of contest for 'Collaborative spectrum sharing' prize or for 'Breaking the optical transmission barriers' prize.

Don't forget that results counts, not how you get them!

How to apply?

You can now register and submit your proposal for:

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