FET organised an Information Day for the Work Programme 2014-15 on 20 January 2014 in Brussels focusing on FET Proactive initiatives in Call 1 and Flagships.

The InfoDay consisted of a morning plenary session with general presentations, including also a brief presentation on the FET-Open and Coordination and Support Actions (CSA) topics, for which the deadline for submission of proposals is 30/09/2014.

The meeting continued in the afternoon with parallel sessions.

FET Proactive initiatives in Call 1:
'Global Systems Science' (GSS)
- Contact: Ivica Cubic
- Given Presentations

'Knowing, doing and being: cognition beyond problem solving' (KnowDoBe)
- Contact: Teresa De Martino and Christiane Wilzeck
- Given Presentations

'Quantum simulation'
- Contact: Roumen Borissov
- Given Presentations

'Framework Partnership Agreements (FPA)' 
'Policy environment for FET Flagships (CSA)'
- Contact: François Junique
- Given Presentations
- Read our FAQ

The deadline for submissions of project proposals:
- FET Proactive initiative is 01/04/2014
- FET Flagships is 10/04/2014.

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