The EU-funded project HiPEAC has released its annual vision report, which analyses the challenges that the computing sector faces and how technologies will evolve in the future.

Computing affects every area of our lives, from HPC and cloud data centres, to the laptops and smartphones that we use every day. The performance of computing devices has increased dramatically in the past decade, but the sector is now at a crossroads, faced with many challenges that may hinder its future growth.

The HiPEAC Vision 2019 offers an exaustive analysis of where computing stands today and how technology should evolve in the coming years to ensure a prosperous digital economy and society.

For that, Europe will need to investigate new technology directions in the fields of artificial intelligence, data, neuromorphic computing, quantum, photonics, and even sintetic biology. All to ensure trust, safety, long-lasting digital products, and less energy consumption while respecting our values, rights and the natural world.

Check HiPEAC Vision 2019 to find our more details on the future of computing.