Over the last years, the performance of computing devices has significantly increased. This has a crucial impact on each aspect of our lives. With innovation happening faster than ever, and new facets of ICT emerging so rapidly, this Connect University session explored the seventh edition of the HiPEAC vision, covering the following topics: business, technology, society and Europe’s position in the world.

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With a remarkable network of almost 2000 specialists, HiPEAC (High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation) brings together representatives from industry, policy and research with the role of preparing the next generation of excellent computer scientists.  Since 2004, the HiPEAC has provided a hub for European researchers and industry representatives in computing systems.

Every two years they produce the "HiPEAC Vision", a comprehensive analysis of the state of the art and an important reference for understanding the future of technologies and the market trends in all the domains relevant for digital policy and research.

Quantum computing, Artificial intelligence and cognitive cyber-physical systems, Technologies beyond silicon, Software and the limits of programming, Impact of computing on society – these are all important topics of the age.  Prof. Koen de Bosschere,  (University of Ghent and HiPEAC coordinator) together with Dr Marc Duranton (French Atomic Energy Commission, HiPEAC vision coordinator) discussed the above-mentioned aspects the presentation of the HiPEAC Vision 2019.

What are the opportunities but also challenges in the digital era? Watch the recording and discover more about the future of computing systems.

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