The air quality is of increasing importance for our society. To achieve the self set goals in improving our air quality, the EU needs more efficient and precise ways of monitoring. Funded under the EU Fortissimo project, a French SME developed a new software which is based on cloud High-Performance Computing.

A map which shows in different colours how good the air quality is in these areas

Clean air is essential to our health and to the environment. But since the rise of the industrial revolution, the quality of the air we breathe has deteriorated considerably. To counter this, the European Union has set itself the goal to achieve levels of air quality that do not give rise to significant negative impacts on, and risks to, human health and the environment. Regulations now require more and more testing and evaluation of pollution adaptation and reduction scenarios. Rather than evaluating 2 to 3 scenarios, consulting companies and regional air-quality agencies now need to evaluate tens of scenarios.

This requires an increase in their capacity for computing, beyond what they can manage with in-house resources. Cloud-based-HPC services will help to increase the numbers of scenarios which could be feasibly simulated in a given time, and reduce the computational time needed for simulations. Using Cloud-based-HPC will lead to shorter times for simulations and cost reductions.

Funded under the European Commission Fortissimo project, the French SME Numtech created software which investigates air-quality at city-scale. This software includes data on emissions from road networks, industrial facilities, residential/commercial sectors, biogenic emissions, airports, etc. and was already successfully tested in several French cities.

Using Cloud-based-HPC will help companies to save production costs of €125k over 5 years. Taking over larger projects because of greater capabilities and lower costs will help to increase the turnover and help companies in this sector to grow and adapt to future changes.