Commissioner Gabriel hosted a high-level meeting with representatives of Member States, national initiatives for digitising industry, European Public Private Partnerships and relevant European Associations in order to discuss the next steps on the digitisation of European industry.

The Digitising European Industry Strategy aims to reinforce EU's competitiveness in digital technologies and ensure that any industry in Europe - big or small, wherever situated and in any sector- can fully benefit from digital innovations. This requires not only a dynamic digital sector in Europe but also the full integration of digital innovations across all sectors of the economy.

In order to meet these challenges, a European governance framework is essential to facilitate coordination and cooperation of European, national and regional initiatives on digitising industry, as well as to mobilise stakeholders across the value chains. 

Within this context, the European Commission hosted a high-level governance meeting on the 21 November 2017 with the main actors involved in the digitisation of European Industry.

The meeting built on the successful launch of the European platform of national initiatives at the Digital Day in Rome on 23 March, where political and industry leaders committed to work together for digitising industry within this common coordination platform.  

Capitalising also on the achievements of national initiatives and on the work performed by the Working Groups launched one year ago (on Digital Innovation Hubs and on digital industrial platforms) the goal of this high-level meeting was to discuss the next steps to further support digitisation of industry in Europe. 

The meeting was by invitation only and it counted with participation from Member States, national initiatives, Public-Private-Partnerships, industry and social partners. Details on participation, objectives and scope are available on this document, as well as the full agenda of the day


During the event, participants affirmed the continuing role for the high-level governance meetings and agreed to maintain two meetings per year.

The discussions held provided agreements in principle to prepare with Member States and industry future orientations for access to finance, European technology leadership and partnerships as a means for joint strategic decisions and significant co-investments. These were translated into 3 Working Groups.

For more details on findings, recommendations, conclusions and agreed next steps you can download the meeting's report. All the presentations used during the meeting are also available below.


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