The European Commission will host a meeting with representatives of relevant ministries from the Member States to ensure closer collaboration and accelerate the roll-out of Artificial Intelligence across Europe.

Summary of main messages and discussions during the meeting

In line with the new European Commission strategy on Artificial Intelligence and the recent signature of the AI Declaration by 25 countries, it is vital for Europe's competitiveness to be at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence (AI) development. For that, Member States and the European Commission will foster coordinated actions that can maximise the impact of investments, encourage cooperation across the EU, exchange best practices, and define the way forward together.

Building on the collaboration framework established with Member States in the Digitising European Industry initiative, which has already given a major boost to the digital transformation, the European Commission will focus the next high-level governance meeting of this forum on Artificial Intelligence.

The meeting will be by invitation only and it will count with participation of Directors Generals of Member States' ministries in charge of digitising industry actions, as well as AI-related research and innovation activities.

The European Commission strategy on AI, as well examples of national actions on AI will be presented. In the afternoon, Commissioner Gabriel will open and chair a discussion on how to join forces towards a common roadmap, reflecting also on how to build on the Digitising European Industry Initiative to accelerate AI roll-out across Europe.