The Heterogeneous Technology Alliance (HTA), a strategic partnership between the European Research and Technology Organisations (CEA-Leti, CSEM, Fraunhofer, and VTT) is celebrating its 10th year by hosting a special anniversary event in Brussels.

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The Heterogeneous Technology Alliance combines the experience of four of Europe's leading research institutes in microelectronics, namely CEA-Leti, CSEM, the Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics and VTT. Linking their capabilities and facilities, the HTA allows for a novel approach to creating and developing microtechnologies, nanoelectronics, and smart systems for next-generation products and solutions. Having its 10th active year, the HTA will host a special event in Brussels to celebrate this anniversary.

HTA research teams, supported by the European commission, have been working closely with industry for more than ten years now, through many European projects. While attending the event, it will be a good opportunity to come close to the activities of the HTA and associated Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) by:

  • Learning about solutions designed and developed, via HTA success stories;
  • Attending special keynotes from top academic and industry leaders;
  • Getting falmiliar with latest European initiatives and future programs;
  • Experiencing tech demonstrations from HTA partners soon to reach the market e.g. Leti MEG sensors in healthcare innovations;
  • Connecting with top industry executives and high-level networking opportunities.

Topics of the event

10 years of research & successful partnerships

  1. HTA Technology platforms overview
  2. Ensure competitiveness of European industry through cutting-edge research and technology transfer
  3. Future of micro- and nanosystems in H2020
  4. From innovative substrate to devices integration
Heterogeneous Technology Alliance
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