Issued by the cc:eGov project, this Handbook provides an in-depth analysis of what citizen-centric government services should strive for. It gives recommendations on access to these services, offers front- and back-office solutions and emphasizes the importance of relationship building between those delivering and those receiving the services. The handbook also includes a number of interviews carried out with various national administrations serving as useful examples to learn from.

"It is not enough just to implement organisational change... to make real progress on transforming government services one should aim to positively transform the relationship between government and making the front-office fully customer focused, and understanding the citizen as a customer with complex needs, far beyond the private sector understanding of a consumer" finds the Handbook for Organizational Change and Citizen-centric eGovernment published this week.

As a key conclusion the Handbook notes "While investment in infrastructure and eGovernment service development is fundamental to service delivery, the governance characteristics of transparency and trust are critical in legitimating the investment and in creating the conditions for widespread usage of services."

"A Handbook for Citizen-centric eGovernment"(.pdf, 414 kB)