On 15th January 2014, the first H2020 Information Day on Digital Security was organised, covering activities in both ICT LEIT and Societal Challenge 7.

It provided a detailed account of the 2014 call topics:

  • Cryptography,
  • Security-by-design
  • Privacy,
  • Access Control, and
  • Risk Management and Assurance Models.

At the Information Day the following calls for proposals were presented:

- LEIT - ICT 32-2014: Cybersecurity, Trustworthy ICT (Call closure: 23 April 2014), and

- Societal Challenge 7 - DS 1,2,6-2014 Digital Security (Call closure: 13 May 2014, pending final adoption)

The morning presentations highlighted the continuity and differences in relation to FP7 and ICT CIP-PSP as well as embed the EC's R&I activities in H2020 in the wider context of our cybersecurity and privacy policies. In addition, the new rules for submission and evaluation of project proposals were presented.

In the afternoon, attendants had the opportunity to present their ideas for possible future proposals and to network with other potential proposers.

For further information, please consult the attached agenda and also our DAE website (http://ec.europa.eu/digital-agenda/en/telecoms-and-internet/trust-security)


Please consult here the the morning presentation by EC staff.

The submitted information from participants is available on:

a) Participants list  (including only public profiles); and

b) Presentations for the Proposer Forum.

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