The event aimed to provide information about the topics addressed in the ICT30-Photonics KET (Key Enabling Technology) call, covering a number of different areas with different funding schemes and with a budget of 89 M€.

The specific challenges in the Photonics field are to sustain competitiveness & leadership in market sectors where Europe is strong (communications, medical photonics, sensing), to seize new opportunities, to strengthen the manufacturing base, boost the innovation capacity of SMEs and leverage innovation in clusters & national platforms.

We welcomed the active participation of prospective proposers, from 25 different countries, some of whom were new to the H2020 programme.  The InfoDay started with an introduction by Philippe VANNSON, the EC Head of Unit of Photonics and by Heinz SEYRINGER, Executive Board member of the Photonics Public Private Partnership (PPP). The specific call topics were addressed together with the submission procedures, and lessons learnt from previous calls. Other funding schemes were also introduced, like the SME Instrument and Fast Track to Innovation, where currently funded projects in the photonics area were presented.

The presentations given by Commission representatives have been recorded. Web streaming of the live event is available.

In the afternoon, about 15 participants got the opportunity to present their proposal ideas, in the specific context of seeking partners, and to network with other participants, which was followed by the possibility to network with other participants and to ask questions to Commission staff.

The call text is available on the Participant Portal.

The most frequent questions that have been submitted to the Horizon 2020 Helpdesk, IT Helpdesk, Call Coordinators and H2020 NCP correspondents can be found here.

All the presentations are available below:

Welcome and scene setting: Philippe VANNSON, Head of Unit, Unit A4- Photonics DG CONNECT, European Commission and Heinz SEYRINGER, Photonics 21 Executive Board member and Head of Research Collaborations Zumtobel Group

Topic ICT 30–2017: Photonics KET: Christoph HELMRATH, Programme Officer – EU Policies , Unit A4- Photonics, DG CONNECT, European Commission

H2020 – How to prepare & submit a proposal: Francisco GUIRAO MOYA, Head of Sector, Unit R5 -Programme Operations and Common Services, DG CONNECT, European Commission

Lessons learnt from previous calls: Eddy Corthals , Programme Officer – EU Policies, Unit A4- Photonics, DG CONNECT, European Commission

The SME instrument and Fast Track to Innovation: Romain BOUTTIER, Project Officer, Unit A2 SME-Instrument, EASME

Networking and brokerage session with presentations of proposal ideas: IDEAL-IST : Irena ŽILIH , ICT National Contact Point (NCP), Croatia


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