ICT and waste in H2020 is in the Challenge 5. Focus area: Waste.

New topic for DG CONNECT.

Previous activities mainly funded projects for tagging systems/IoT (RTD and Future internet unit).

ICT and waste in H2020 is in the Challenge 5, Focus area Waste.

H2020– CH5 -Waste Focus area:

  • 1 single call for the entire waste area
  • Official launch 11 December 2013
    Deadline 08/04/2014, at 17.00 Brussels time
  • 7 objectives : 5 in 2014 and 2 in 2015
  • Overall indicative budget : 75,5Mio 2014 and 60Mio 2015. CONNECT will participate with 5 Mio
  • Strategic for (CONNECT) ICT : waste3, 1st bullet – waste4a

Waste 3-2014: Recycling of raw materials from products and buildings.

Scope : 1) developing of innovative solutions, including pre-processing technologies, comprehensive metallurgical recovery and advanced information and communication technologies,  for the recovery of minerals and metals from complex end-of-life products;

Impact : unlocking a significant volume of raw materials through the conversion of wastes into valuable resources. Energy efficiency, reduced environmental footprint, measured by qualitative and quantitative indicators.

ICT will participate in the 1 activity (DG CONNECT budget 4 Mio)

Waste 4-2014-2015: Toward a near zero-waste at European and global level
Scope : 1) the creation of a EU waste stakeholder's platform, including eco-innovation and business models, for waste prevention and management. Synergies with current EU initiatives should be considered.
A roadmap addressing specific waste streams, including ICT-electronic waste roadmap should be developed.
ICT will participate for the point 1). (CONNECT budget 1MIO)


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