This page provides supplementary information for proposers interested in the Photonics and Cross-cutting ICT KETs topics of the H2020-ICT-2015 call.

The Call for Proposals is closing on 14 April 2015 at 17h Brussels time.

(1) Official call documentation:

For the official documentation regarding ICT 27 -2015 (Photonics KET) and ICT 28 -2015 (Cross-cutting ICT KETs) see the ICT-2015 call pages of the Participant Portal.


(A) Supplementary documents - Overview:

The following supplementary documents for ICT 27 and ICT 28 can found at the bottom of this page:

1) Extract of the LEIT-ICT Work Programme 2015, concerning ICT-KETs (Micro/nanoelectronics and Photonics).

2) Presentations of the Photonics and Cross-cutting ICT KETs Topics in the call:

  • ICT 27 -2015: Photonics KET
  • ICT 28 –2015: Cross-cutting ICT KETs

3) Questions & Answers on Photonics and Cross-cutting ICT KETs work programme topics:

  • ICT 27 -2015: Photonics KET (no document available yet)
  • ICT 28 -2015: Cross-cutting ICT KETs


(B) Important note on sub-topic ICT 28.b  - Pilot lines for advanced KET products:

  • Specific evaluation criteria apply for the call item ICT28.b. See for instance page 5 and in particular page 7 of the Work programme extract and/or the slides no 10-12 of the ICT-28 presentation.


(C) Further background information:






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